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Best of Both Worlds: Enjoying Your Photo Moments in Color and Black + White Across Your Entire Gallery

Hey there, Mamas! Lauren here, your photographer BFF, ready to chat about all things photo! Let's dive into something that's really capturing my heart right now—black + white photography.

 A sweet moment shared between a new Mr. & Mrs.

As a photographer, black and white photos hold a special place for me. They freeze moments in time, capturing raw emotion and subtle details that color sometimes overshadows. Stripping away color allows us to focus on the essence of a

photograph—the interplay of light and shadow, the strength of composition, and the texture that adds depth and character.

In photography, light is everything. It shapes the mood, directs attention, and brings out the drama and beauty in every scene. Mastering light means understanding its intensity, direction, and how it interacts with your subject. It's the secret sauce that transforms a good photo into a stunning one.

Light shinning through this nursery, while holding baby brother for the first time.
Light streaming in through a window on bridal accessories.

Composition is another key player. It's about how you frame your shot, where you place your subject, and how you guide the viewer's eye through the image. A well-composed photo tells a story and captures the viewer's imagination, drawing them into the moment you've created.

Desert View Wedding Venue
Saying hello with a friendly hand.

And then there's texture—the tactile quality that adds richness and interest to your photos. Whether it's the rough texture of an old brick wall or the softness of a baby's skin, texture invites viewers to connect with your images on a deeper level.

Dad grasping his daughter's hand.
A bride and groom with a cascading veil.

When you combine these elements with the timeless allure of black and white photography, magic happens. It's about distilling a moment to its purest form, where emotion and artistry come together to create photographs that stand the test of time.

I believe in preserving your family's precious moments with style and sophistication. That's why in the midst of crafting a package for my clients that doesn't require you to miss out on either! Coming in July I'll be introducing a new way to celebrate your memories: by offering both vibrant color and timeless black-and-whites for EVERY photo in your gallery.

That's right, double the delight!

Why Choose Both?

Having both color and black-and-white options enriches your storytelling experience in ways that single-toned photos simply cannot match. Color photographs are vibrant and full of life, perfect for capturing the joy and energy of your family's adventures. On the other hand, black-and-white photography brings a timeless sophistication and a focus on emotion and composition, ideal for creating portraits that evoke a sense of nostalgia and depth. This dual approach allows you to curate a diverse and emotionally rich gallery that beautifully tells the story of your family's journey, ensuring every cherished memory is preserved in a style that resonates deeply for years to come.

A Seamless Experience

With this new seamless integration, both color and black-and-white photo options will be included in your gallery. You will soon have the flexibility to curate a collection that truly reflects the multifaceted beauty of your family's story, doubling your final photo count!

Want this option for your next family session?

So, are you ready to capture your story in vivid color and enduring black-and-white photographs? Contact us today to learn more about how we will rolling out our dual photography approach to elevate your family's gallery to new heights of elegance and emotion.

Because Mama, when it comes to preserving memories, there's no need to choose—you deserve to have it all

Dad and his little boys.
A couple dancing on the beach.
Black + White Portraits
A maternity session in black and white.


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